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RailAuto – MS Access database project to keep an account of automobiles shipped by rail.

     “The MS Access project “RailAuto” has been made to lighten keeping account of automobiles and machineries shipped by rail or on the trucks. I am of the opinion that “RailAuto” is a masterpiece and magic stick for any manager in this area of activities.

     The keeping account is carried out in the following way: after the automobile has arrived to place (stock) of departure, the data from automobile’s passport are entered into the database. Such data as final destination, shipper, consignee, consignee’s address and phone number, date of arrival to the stock, amount of cost or debt are entered into database too.

     The program’s screens and the order of actions are simple and understandable. The quantity of automobiles on the stock is accessible immediately. A list of rail shipments are created automatically after automobiles are shipped. All shipped automobiles are discarded from the stock.

     There is a keeping account of all the rail shipments and information about payments for shipments. Such reports as “Map of shipment”, “Stock list”, “Weight list” can be printed out as MS Access report and also as MS Excel table. The contract with the client and the automobile’s description can be printed in MS Word format.

     It is very convenient that the list of the shippers and consignees are simultaneously formed. There is very quick searching by shipper and consignees. The shipped automobiles and automobiles on the stock are accessible immediately. It is a great advantage to have access to the financial report with information about payments from clients. There is a keeping account of debts. There are special fields for additional comments.

     There is ability to send the reports and maps of shipments by email without exiting the program. All the data can be exported to MS Excel table. There is a list of satellite persons with information about their salary, the rest of the salary, quantity of their voyages and other statistic information. There is statistic information about automobiles by models, directions, counteragents and etc.

     It is easy to find the automobile in the database using different criteria such as shipper, consignee, model and etc. I can not find minuses in this program. Everything is simple and understandable. Problems are absent if program is used correctly.”