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ShipmentCont Ė MS Access database project to keep track sea shipments of containers and general cargoes (Ship affair - Containers).

     "The project is destined to organize freight forwarding companiesí activities the best way. The project has been developed to optimize all stages of container and cargo movements: entering information about import/inbound (Date of Arrival, Container Number, Containerís Type, Bill of Lading, Vessel and Voyage # of Arrival, Cargo and etc.) and entering information about export/outbound (Date of Arrival, Container Number, Containerís Type, Bill of Lading, Vessel and Voyage # of Departure, Cargo and etc.).

     In accordance with entered information the project allows to keep track inbound and outbound containersí movements, containers cargoes by Ocean Bills Of Lading and Home Bills of Lading, cabotage/domestic cargoes, loading of the cargoes from one container into another container, loading of general cargo into containers, prepare and print out Shipping Order and Loading Order, print out Containerís receiving list in MS Word format, print out containerís loading and unloading Claim in MS Word format.

     Besides this the project allows to keep track expenses for each container and register clientsí payments, keep track containersí hire, prepare and print out invoices for overseas partners. During the work activity each container has its history, each stage of it includes full information about the containerís movements and can be controlled and inspected at any time.

     There is a function for quick importing of MS Excel data. This function can be used for easy entering of a large volume of information about outbound/inbound container movements.

     For data analyzing by periods, the project allows to use different cross-tables and diagrams, which represent the companyís work efficiency during the period of time."