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  • Vessel - Containers

  • Vessel - Sea Port

  • Vessel - Cabotage (coasting trade / domestic)

  • The project to track sea shipments (freight) of containers and general cargoes.

    Main features:

    • Keeping an account of general cargoes and contaners to the sea (Outbound).
    • Keeping an account of domestic cargoes (coasting trade).
    • Keeping an account of containerized cargo.
    • Quick calculation of days (and cost) of cargoes’ warehouse storage.
    • Quick calculation of days (and cost) of containers’ warehouse storage.
    • Quick calculation of cost of cargoes’ loading (unloading).
    • Quick calculation of cost of containers' loading (unloading).
    • There is rates' sheet for loading, unloading and warehouse storage.
    • Printing of Excel Invoice (loading, unloading and warehouse storage).
    • Printing of Shipping Orders (loading manifest for vessels).
    • Printing of Shipping Orders’ Addendums.
    • Printing of Bill of Lading.
    • Printing of Bill of Lading’ Addendum.
    • Printing of Cargo Report (Ship Cargo Manifest) in Excel format.
    • Keeping an account of general cargoes from the sea (Inbound).
    • Cargo from the sea. Working with Bill Of Lading’s cargoes.
    • Cargo from the sea. Working with Invoice’s data.
    • Cargo from the sea. Special Order for loading of cargo to rail.
    • Cargo from the sea. Keeping an account of cargo by custom cargo declarations.
    • Cargo from the sea. Loading of cargoes into carriages, trucks and etc.
  • Rider - sea container documents

  • Container Depot (Container terminal operations)

  • The project for tracking of containers’ history (movements, shipping, delivery, storage, crane work and other services).

    The program is intended for automation of accounting at the container site containers. What is meant by this?

    First, is the registration of all container events: the arrival of the container on the site, departure, purchase, sale, repair, rental, etc. As a result, we get a complete history of all that has happened to the container.

    Second, an automatic on-site storage containers calculation. Calculation of storage is quite a time consuming process especially when a large number of movements of different containers. The program allows you to forget about all the difficulties associated with storage. Now storage is calculated quickly and accurately, with the involvement of different bets.

    Third, registration and storage of containers events are closely related to the calculation of finance. The program has a strong financial unit, which allows to keep records of income and expenses, print certificates of the executed works, invoices and invoices. It is possible to conduct payment account on issued and received invoices.

    You can store any documents in the program: Scans files, pictures that are associated with a given counterparty

    The program can use the container terminals, container operators, freight forwarders. The program can be used for port forwarding.

    For example, the company leases containers for rent. Bought container and given to rent. Next, the container is transported somewhere on the other end of the country. There is sold. All container platforms can be considered as storage. This whole scheme of easily reproduced in the program.

    The program calculates the profit (income) from the use of the container. At any time, you will know the exact income on the container.

    Main features:

    • Quick searching for full container information.
    • Full track history of container movements (operations / container park tracking).
    • Full history of container’s storage on the depot.
    • Truck (automobile) containers’ shipments (freight).
    • Arrival of container to the depot. Departure of container from the depot.
    • Container Hire. Owner of container.
    • Warehouse (depot) storage of container.
    • Status of container: loaded or empty.
    • Information about availability of containers on the depot at any date.
    • Controlling prefix and id of container.
    • Calculation of services’ cost (shipping, crane, storage and etc.).
    • References: Tariffs for containers’ storage, Automobile Routes, Trucks (Cars), Drivers and etc.
    • Keeping an account of drivers’ work hours (worksheet).
    • List of Invoices. Cross-tables for data analysis.
    • Graphic reports.
  • Manifest - Sea export cargo documents

  • MS Access database project to print out sea cargo export documents. This project is a very good freight forwarder’s assistant for many years. You can easily prepare several sea cargo export documents in matter of minutes.

    Good project to issue such sea cargo export documents as follows:

    • Forwarder Shipping Order (Booking Order / Export Cargo Shipping)
    • Bill of Lading
    • Master's receipt
    • Mate's receipt
    • Manifest / MANIFESTE (Ship Cargo Manifest)
    • Total Manifest (ship's manifest form / compiling shipping manifest / ship manifest of cargo)
    • Invoice
    • Specification
    • Ñertificate of Quality
    • Weight list
    • Packing list
  • Shipping

  • The project to keep track of sea vessels and their crew members. This project has been modified and implemented in order to keep track of all vessels and their crew members when they visit sea port. This project allows to collect information about ships as follows:

    • Name of ship
    • IMO Number
    • Port of Registry
    • Ship Status
    • Shipyard
    • Flag
    • Country Flag
    • Country Built
    • Year Built
    • Gross Registered Tonnage
    • Length Overall
    • Deadweight Tonnage
    • Width of Beam
    • Crew Capacity
    • Speed in knots
    • Inmarsat Number
    • Ship Callsign (simple callsign database seavessels)
    • Local Ship Agent
    • Ship Owners
    • Management Company
    • Ship Email
    • Launched as
    • Renamed
    • Handling Method
    • Cargo Carried
    • Flag
    • Crew Members
  • Rail Finance

  • The project to keep an account rail shipments. The purpose of this large project was to develop a solution for rail company (freight forwarder) for keeping an account of rail shipments.

    Main features:

    • Keeping an account of clients’ bids.
    • Keeping an account of rail shipments.
    • Keeping an account costs’ shipments, expenses, profit.
    • Printing of rail waybill.
    • Simple account of rail shipments by clients, by shippers, by consignees, by railway stations, by cargoes, by carriages, by time periods and etc.
    • Quick data searching, sorting, filtering.
    • Entering data with comfort.
    • Cross-table with expenses. Exporting expenses into Excel.
    • Reports with shipments by period, by clients and etc.
  • RailAuto

  • The project to keep an account of automobiles shipped by rail or truck. The project allows to keep an account of detailed financial information. This project allows freight forwarder to keep an account of automobiles and machinery shipped by rail or truck.

    Main features:

    • Entering of automobile information (Mark, Model, Year Issue, Body’s color, Engine #, Body #, Shipper, Consignee, Destination Railway Station and etc.).
    • Keeping an account of automobiles in carriages (wagons) or trucks.
    • Keeping an account of automobiles by directions (Warehouse’s Report).
    • Keeping an account of clients’ payments and debts.
    • Loading automobiles into carriage (wagon) or truck.
    • Information about satellite persons.
    • Printing of shipment’s report (map of shipment), Weight List, Contract (in MS Word format) and etc.
    • Quick data searching, sorting, filtering.
  • Shape - supply chain solution

  • This project is designed for the commodity control in a retail company. The program perfoms calculation of sale and economic indexes whereby the user of the program is able to receive the clearest understanding about an economic condition of commodity resources in a wholesale - retail network of the company. Overstocking of shops (stocks, markets, warehouses) is effectively restricted, rate of sales drastically increases. This project can help to save a lot of money.

  • RoadTrain

  • The project for the account of the trucking freight transport (cargo, containers).